Giants Wept

by Comaborn

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Composed, Performed and Engineered by Keith Pedziewiatr @ Soundshank Studios.


released December 24, 2015

Keith Pedziewiatr- Everything



all rights reserved


Comaborn Chicago, Illinois

Comaborn is the one-man Blackened Death Metal project of Keith Pedziewiatr (formerly of Act of Destruction and currently of Rhemora). All songs, drums, vocals, guitars, keys, and bass were written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and performed by Keith Pedziewiatr at Soundshank Studios. ... more

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Track Name: Shiv's Embrace
Gone, the Lamb tasted blood
Reaped, lay the world it aspired
A cold silence cast upon the Earth
The heads of their Gods on the pyre
The winds carried smoke
From fire that burned through the gate
To cast away hope
Man made the engine of hate

An absence due in time
To rid of the proud and the prime
Into worlds of the unknown
Shackled to the stone
And they will hunt and they will feed
And rid the Earth of human breed
And from the skies the stars would fall
No prayer for the lost
No god to save us all

Breaking the psalm
As it pours from the mouth
Flooding our scripture of hope
Awaken! Oh, Beast!
As you cry, be released!
And reduce this world to its bone!

Oh, an immaculate birth
At rest for forever from womb
Never to speak, Never to see
A life passes by in a head-shapen tomb
To birth is to suffer
To bleed is to tempt our sweet death
Eternity stutters
At peace as we take our last breath
Track Name: Palehorse
Of Murder, of Mayhem
Of fire without leave
Come Master, come Chaos
Come wave of boiling sea
Oh murder of man
On Earth as is in pain
Oh father, oh brother
That bear the Mark of Cain

On a four of hooves, he'll ride into the rain
Oh, God of fucking murder
Oh, God of fucking pain
Of noose that snaps the neck
Of blade that open vein
He'll here, forever wander
A ghost without a name

Everything will crumble when your serpents rise
From monumental terror, rides a demon white
He will rape and he will curse unto the skies above
Leviathan! Leviathan! The ocean swallows whole

Come! Now! Awake!
An age of fire awaits
Oh, Death! Oh, Fate!
Where nothing will remain

Of Murder, of Mayhem
Of fire without smoke
Come Master, come Chaos
On verses, they will coke
The dead will come alive and the Earth divide
A sun that wouldn't rise
Forever timeless night

The ground around me crumbled
The Sun grew ever hotter
From statues to ash
There was nothing...
Track Name: God Was Born
So bright, blood shines
In the cold at night
Where dust takes it's form on the throne
As he wakes, reborn
To a world in mourn
Where atrocities bow to the sound of his moan
With an ocean of dead, he will drown his brush red
On a palette of torture and bone
A portrait he shed from a canvas that bled
From Giant and Human and Legend and Stone

Father of sin, let us pray
Wearing head of the swine
Spare us from grace
Let us fill with you
Let us die with you
Father of sin!
Wearing head of the swine
Spare us from God
Let us fill with you
Let us die with you

A feast so proud, as bells ring loud
How master stares on with a grin
Of fire that crash
That leave all to ash
That revel and serve in the conquest of sin

Come now, Oh Lion!
Oh, whore of given grace
Bring wealth to the Heavens
And watch the river drain
Come Judah!
Men wise!
And fall to your knees
As histories crumble
Bringing life to a cease!

A blade to the skin
Of the holiest men
A weakness like plague in the mind
The moon come down
On the eyes of the proud
And witness a tear in the fabric of time
Track Name: Moonflesh
The depths, so cold as ice
The void from the dark how it mourns
A name being sung, the breaking of drums
Its wings to the sky as it soars
The world in its palm
The stars in its maw
The screaming of space in its mind
A sentence unbound
A curse from the down
Apocalypse burns in its eyes

A dragon from the dark side of the moon
Forever it dwells, A Lord of the Pit
An evil the world had forgotten in tomb
Awaken now! Oh, Giant from the Black!
Your claws will reach the Earth again
Your jaws devour every man
You inherit the sky
As humanity falls, your wings will divide

Blood will pour from cities of gold
An ode to the falling of liars
The wailing of tides
Of kings to the cold
As Man would be buried in fire

Now rest
As it will, shall it be
Of serpent of and lamb of God
Be it death
Be it stench of a world
That perished the day it was wrought

Awaken now! Oh, Dragon of the Moon!
Shining light of dead Malaki
An evil that brings an unspeakable doom
Awaken now! Oh, Giant from the Sky!
The world will fear your name again
Your eyes will see end of man
You inherit the sky
To the ending of time
Track Name: The Jaws Ov Ea
Into the maw
The mouth of Death
Where demons and Angels collide
City of God
Of war without rest
Where lost, is the concept of time

Of innocence and emptiness
Of life so free of sin
Of life above and down below
Of tearing limb from limb
"Oh, Death!" We chant
Oh, War will come
And sweep from Earth and soil
Oh, Hunger now and Pestilence
Of flesh and blood and oil

Ea! Your jaws bring Fire
Ea! Let your rage be known
Let creation die alone

Beast of the apocalypse
The stop of all things to become
Bring us the end
Bring us death
The darkness of Heaven
It's light undone
And all is calm again
Undoing fucking everything

Ea! You weep as the Lord
Ea! Break from your chains
And forever soar!
Track Name: The Womb Ov Nazareth
So fertile, our Virgin
Who speaks to the sky
Her voice like a storm
Her eyes are open so wide

A deity in flesh and blood
A son of the Heavens above
He speaks in toungues of War and Death
And giveth to Man but love
Bastard Child of God
Of disaster and sin
Of blood upon the cross
Of prophets wearing his skin

She screamed and bled til dawn
Her eyes to the stars
"Oh, Whore!" They cry
Sweet Mary
Your life is not of God
"Oh, Whore!" They cry
Sweet Mary
A waste of Holy and White
You prayed for the end
Now die and ascend
Your womb destroyed by Light of Christ

And as she would scream to the world
But no one would answer
I bear your child!
I bear your child!

In the womb of the Lord...
In the womb of God...
Track Name: Solarflare
The roaring of the sky at the end of it
The unending blaring of the light
Reborn, Child of Light
A flare from the Holy and the blind
The sickness of Christ will conceal you
The enormity of death will remake the undone
Beware, the Enigma
The silence in the Temple of the Sun

The enlightening of demon for a deity
So grateful to awaken without sight
Your chains carry heavy as the burden
You eyes ever deceive you in the night

Without sight
Your praying hands
Lost in the light
Infamous and proud
Without fear
You fear again

And night must fall
And dawn must crack
And life will fall
And light will black

Without sight
Your praying hands
Lost in the light
Infamous and proud
Without blood
You bleed again

So be it Solar and so be it God
The fire at the end of time
The blind, the blind can see
The world, world can see
Track Name: God Was Buried
Cold as the embrace of death
Limb from limb and bone from flesh
Weep and weep again
From tears, thou will bleed
And bleed again
And fear again

The stench of mankind
Upon the veil and horizon
The stench of the Ghost of a Lord
Doomed to the infinity and abyss

A war upon worlds
A war upon slaves
The house of the Holy
An empire in flames

Your soul enforced
On your knees, you will pray
Shall you wander

You say of a nothingness
You speak of undeath
A symbol of innocence
Thou spill unto wrath
The cloth giveth shelter
The cloth giveth sight
You pray on your knees
Shall you wander
In the House of the White

The cloth giveth shelter
The cloth giveth sight
In the House of the White

Don't disdain
You will live and fear again
Stained upon the altar
Never to sleep again
Never to see the light of day again

And he lay down
Ever to perish
In the service of Kings
Track Name: Whitehorse
The Omen, the falling of man
As he vomits the plague
His genius, oh praise, they witness
As his shadow, disease and decay
The sickness of death
Like pneumonia fall from the sky
The trees laying bare around us
All is lost in the blink of an eye

The Earth sets in quake and surrounds us
The stars set to fire unseen
The elements brave in its wonder
The Ocean come forth and unseam
The balance of life in all corners
The roar of serenity's birth
The last of the horse in the murder
The first to inherit the Earth

All life ends here in the veil
Never to rebuild from that which was not real
As above, below we slept
Sun's last rise
As giants wept

And no answers be found undone
Father Death, Brother War
Her I come
And no hunger resolves from it
At the end of all things we will come
No remorse, we're alive in it
Armageddon to swallow the sun
All is gone
At the end of all things we will come

The Omen, the falling of man
Like pneumonia fall from the sky
His genius, oh praise, they witness
All is lost in the blink of an eye
The reek of the dead
Like an animal carved from the hide
The silence of flesh
Forever to bathe in the maelstrom of time

All is gone
At the end of all things we will come

And your Angel cometh
Bone and flesh and soil
From his mercy you enter
Cold slumber

Sun's last rise as giants wept
Track Name: Conscription
The end, the end of time
Forsaken as never, it was
On stone, on conscripts of cold
Older than time
Battered and broken
As ground will break
And open fucking wide
Fire will rise
And cleanse from the floor
And cleanse from the sky

Scriptures of fading light
As King, I will rapture
I covet and witness the bane of life
As God, I will fracture the Sun

Never will you take this away from me
I gave you life
I gave you fucking everything
Never will you look unto me again
Oh, Child of the Earth
You will never breathe again

End, the waters of space
The wrecking of stars in the far
A stillness spread
As fear took every eye
A silence rose
Draped in cold
And soon it to be buried in time
Monarchy and King above
You cower in the sky

Never will you take this away from me
I gave you life
I gave you fucking everything
Never will you look unto me again
Oh, Child of the Earth
You will never see again

Father Almighty
Maker of Heaven and Earth
Of all that is
Seen and unseen
Father of time
You giveth and taketh away
You bring us the end
You let the world of Hell ascend